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CH301 - Principles of Chemistry I- Fall 2010


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Course Lecture Notes

Here you will find my lecture notes for CH301 in chronological order. They provide a relatively concise idea of what I want you to learn from the text.
Note: The files are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Laude's Chemistry MCAT Syllabus Details Summer 2011
10 thoughts on how to approach math problems on standardized tests
A Review of High School Chemistry: Chemical Compounds and Compositional Stoichiometry
A Review of High School Chemistry: Reaction and Solution Stoichiometry
A Review of High School Chemistry: Descriptive Chemistry
A Review of High School Chemistry: Organic Chemistry
Lecture 1: Wave Particle Duality of Light
Lecture 2: The Development of Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 3: Atomic Orbitals in the Hydrogen Atom
Lecture 4: Building Electronic Configurations
Lecture 5: Effective Nuclear Charge Explains Trends in Periodic Table
Lecture 6: Stability of Filled and Half Filled Shells Complicate What We Have Learned So Far
Lecture 7: Drawing Structures of Compounds with Ionic Bonds
Lecture 8: Drawing Structures of Compounds with Covalent Bonds
Lecture 9: Advanced topics: Formal Charge, Electronegativity and Polarizability
Lecture 10: Intro to VSEPR theory--turning 2D Lewis Structures into 3D structures
Lecture 11: VB and VSEPR Theory
Lecture 12: VB Theory Explains How AOs Become MOs
Lecture 13: A Brief Look at Diatoms with MO Theory
Lecture 14: Gases and Gas Law Calculations
Lecture 15: More Advanced Concepts Involving Gases
Lecture 16: Liquids--An Introduction to Intermolecular Forces
Lecture 17: Solution Properties and Intermolecular Forces
Lecture 18: Dr. Laude Hates Solids
Lecture 19: Getting Started on Thermodynamics
Lecture 20: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: A Qualitative Look at Thermodynamics
Lecture 21: Pull out your calculator: A Quantitative Look at Thermodynamics
Lecture 22: Statistical Thermodynamics--a look at thermo one atom at a time
Lecture 23: Internal Energy
Lecture 24: Entropy
Lecture 25: Equilibrium and Free Energy