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CH301 - Principles of Chemistry I- Fall 2010


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Random Musings

Here you will find the random musings for CH301 in chronological order. Everything you need to know about the course administration will be found here. Please read them before asking me redundant questions.
Note: The files are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Copy of first day handout for CH301
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Purchasing the ChemPortal
Downloading the DynamicBook to your computer

Random Musings for August 31, 2010--a big opening musings covering a lot of class administration and how to dos
Random Musings for September 7, 2010--getting ready for quiz 1
Random Musings for September 14, 2010--getting ready for quiz 2
Random Musings for September 21, 2010--with exam 1 question types
Random Musings for September 28, 2010--with everything you need to know about taking exam 1
Random Musings for October 7, 2010--with everything you need to know about taking quiz 3
Random Musings for October 14, 2010--with quiz 4 and exam 2 question types
Random Musings for October 26, 2010--with exam 2 locations
Random Musings for November 4, 2010--with all the question types for the rest of the course
Random Musings for November 23, 2010--Turkey day with all the extra credits and an intro to grading schemes
Random Musings for November 30, 2010--One final large musings with grading explained plus all the info for exam 3 and the final

How to get an A lecture--some thoughts on self awareness and studying--plus Dr. Laude loves memorizing question types and making cards