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OAS Skill Modules

Here you will find the Skill Modules for OAS. You will need to complete about one per week and should allow about 2 to 6 hours for each module. Additional skill modules will be added regularly..
Note: The files are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Instructions on What You Need to Do to Complete the Skill Module Requirement.pdf

EIGHT Required OAS Skill Modules--you must do all eight of the skill modules in this section to meet the course requirement

Using statistics to determine something about your personality
Reading a popular book on academia
Attending the Distinguished Lecture Series and chatting about it with a friend
Learning to use the general libraries at UT Austin
Do you know what you are going to be doing this summer?

The skill modules below are part of the eight required modules but are specific to inquiries 2 and 3 and must be turned in with the inquiries (you must visit at least one of the five libraries and museums listed below)

Creating a bibliography, to be completed for the the humanities inquiry
Learning to use a measuring device, to be completed for the science inquiry
Visiting the HRC
Visiting the LBJ Library
Visiting the PCL Library Map Room
Visiting the Blanton Museum
Visiting the Benson Museum

Elective Math and Science Skill Modules--choose two or three to complete the requirement

Interview someone who has published a scholarly article
Learning to Use SciFinder Scholar, the science search engine
Developing Sterile Microbiology Technique
Things to Consider in Selecting a Freshman Research Initiative Research Group
Fermi Questions--Another take on estimation, so don't do both skill modules
Using Excel to Manage Data and Perform Statistics Calculations
A boring statistics homework set that will help you brush up on your statistics--to be done with the Excel Skill Module
Some Deep Thinking on How to Control Variables in an Experiment
How to read an article in a scientific research journal
An introduction to LateX
Take an on-line short course on ethical treatment of human subjects
Thinking Inside the Pixel: Taking a tour of the Texas Advanced Computing Center
Understanding Social Insects--Everything you need to know about honors dorm behavior
Common biology laboratory problems and how to manage them
An Introduction to Probability
An Introduction the [R] Statistical Programming Environment
An Introduction to Mathematica
Applying mathematica to a Diffusion Simulation--to be done with the Mathematica Introduction
Exploring the Field of Public Health
Research Abroad--How Scientists See the World
Lockhart's Lament and a New Way to See Mathematics in K-12 Education
Delving Into the World of How Prescription Drugs Come to Be
Research the research of a researcher at UT Austin
Understanding the FDA and human drug regulation

Elective Arts and Humanities Skill Modules--choose two or three to complete the requirement

Spend some time at TED listening to Inspiring talks by great minds
GramR R Good 4 U
Keeping that second language sharp
Using the Oxford English Dictionary
Visiting the Writing Center with your inquiry
Google Docs--Sharing is Caring
Practice not going bankrupt in college--learning to manage your $40 a week budget
Study Abroad--Everybody's doing it, why not you
Do you dare uncover your Texas legislature in action
Getting to know a professor by chatting up an article he or she wrote
Time Management--the Adult Approach to College Life
Everything's Political--Learn to Write a Policy Memo
Creative Writing--Now That You Are in College You Can Do It for Fun
Chaos Theory Introduced in a Not So Sciency Way
Modifying a Wikipedia Article
Making Prezi presentations is actually kind of useful
Do you have any idea how important the Texas Attorney General is?

Getting Out and About--choose one to complete the requirement

Embrace Austin--map out your day for a tour of Austin
Losing the Freshman 15--healthy lifestyles make for happy honors students
Take a trip to the Wildflower Center
Fight the Power--Watch and Join Social Activists
Partaking in Campus Culture--Heading over to the Butler School of Music for a Concert
Partaking in Campus Culture--Social Dancing is Cool When You Are in College
Your good deed for the day--volunteering at the food bank